What the #*!! is TBGB?!

The Blue-Green algae are microscopic organisms seen as a single cell or large accumulation of them, when they become visible. These cynobacteria are found in almost all terrestrial and aquatic habitats.

These microscopic creatures have their own important role in our ecology – recently, they were discovered to produce nearly half of the photosynthesis activity in the open seas! The Cyanobacteria have high productivity photosynthesis and convert solar energy into biomass-stored chemical energy. Photosynthesis is the process where the energy of light is used to split water molecules into oxygen, protons, and electrons.

So you see, the microscopic blue green algae, which also produces toxins in water which kills animals, contributes so much to life on this huge planet. Life on earth is so ironical (to man of course) it is full of surprises. One species poison is another’s food. 

Man – the only species with advanced intelligence – is also the only species which irrationally destroys other species.

We are now left with 2 simple choices – Money or the Planet?

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